in operator in sql
snippet in sql

in sql


SELECT column_name(s)

FROM table_name

WHERE column_name IN (value1, value2, ...); 

sql not in


SQL NOT IN operator is used to filter the result if the values that are mentioned as part of the IN operator is not satisfied. Let’s discuss in detail about SQL NOT IN operator.

SELECT Column(s) FROM table_name WHERE Column NOT IN (value1, value2... valueN);

sql where a or b


-- example
SELECT Id, ProductName, UnitPrice, Package
  FROM Product
 WHERE ProductName LIKE 'Cha_' OR ProductName LIKE 'Chan_'

in operator in sql


(IN) operator in sql like "OR" operator
For example: 
Select * From employees
Where department_id "IN" (60,90); 

not in sql


(NOT) operator excluding given
For example:
Select last_name, job_id From Employees
Where "Not" job_id = 'ABC';

in condition in sql


IN condition allows you to easily test
if an expression matches any value
in a list of values.
It is for reducing  multiple OR
conditions in a SELECT, INSERT, 
UPDATE, or DELETE statement.