sqlalchemy existing db file
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sqlalchemy existing db file


from sqlalchemy.ext.automap import automap_base
from sqlalchemy.orm import Session
from sqlalchemy import create_engine

Base = automap_base()

# engine, suppose it has two tables 'user' and 'address' set up
engine = create_engine("sqlite:///mydatabase.db")

# reflect the tables
Base.prepare(engine, reflect=True)

# mapped classes are now created with names by default
# matching that of the table name.
User = Base.classes.user
Address = Base.classes.address

session = Session(engine)

# rudimentary relationships are produced
session.add(Address(email_address="foo@bar.com", user=User(name="foo")))

# collection-based relationships are by default named
# "<classname>_collection"
print (u1.address_collection)