difference between sql and mysql
snippet in sql

difference between sql and mysql


MySQL is a relational database vendor which uses SQL language
on the other hand SQL is a query language which deals with database.

mysql between


SELECT column_name(s)

FROM table_name

WHERE column_name BETWEEN value1 AND value2; 

difference sql vs mysql


• SQL is a standard language for 
retrieving and manipulating structured
databases. On the contrary, 
MySQL is a relational database management
system, like SQL Server, Oracle or
IBM DB2, that is used to manage SQL

mysql vs sql


select * from table_one
select * from table_one
# sql refers to the general sql language, whereas mysql is  a brance of sql developed

difference sql and mysql


SQL is the language. It outlines syntax that allows you to write queries that manage relational
databases. Nothing more.
MySQL meanwhile is a database system that runs on a server. It implements the SQL language,
allowing you to write queries using its syntax to manage MySQL databases.