how to get data from json array in php
snippet in php

string json format to object in php


  // JSON string
  $someJSON = '[{"name":"Jonathan Suh","gender":"male"},{"name":"William Philbin","gender":"male"},{"name":"Allison McKinnery","gender":"female"}]';

  // Convert JSON string to Array
  $someArray = json_decode($someJSON, true);
  print_r($someArray);        // Dump all data of the Array
  echo $someArray[0]["name"]; // Access Array data

  // Convert JSON string to Object
  $someObject = json_decode($someJSON);
  print_r($someObject);      // Dump all data of the Object
  echo $someObject[0]->name; // Access Object data

php json_decode


$personJSON = '{"name":"Johny Carson","title":"CTO"}';

$person = json_decode($personJSON);

echo $person->name; // Johny Carson

php return json


header('Content-type: application/json');
echo json_encode($array);

how to get data from json array in php


 $data = json_decode($json);