discord .js embed
snippet in javascript

discord .js embed


// at the top of your file
const Discord = require('discord.js');

// inside a command, event listener, etc.
const exampleEmbed = new Discord.MessageEmbed()
	.setTitle('Some title')
	.setAuthor('Some name', 'https://i.imgur.com/wSTFkRM.png', 'https://discord.js.org')
	.setDescription('Some description here')
		{ name: 'Regular field title', value: 'Some value here' },
		{ name: '\u200B', value: '\u200B' },
		{ name: 'Inline field title', value: 'Some value here', inline: true },
		{ name: 'Inline field title', value: 'Some value here', inline: true },
	.addField('Inline field title', 'Some value here', true)
	.setFooter('Some footer text here', 'https://i.imgur.com/wSTFkRM.png');


Embed Example Discord.js


const embed = new Discord.RichEmbed() //Ver 11.5.1 of Discord.js
.setTitle("This is a title")
.setDescription("This is a description")
.setFooter("This is a footer")
.setAuthor("This is the author's name", //and this its profile pic)
.addField("This is a field", "this is its description")

discord bot embed message


message.channel.send({embed: {
    color: 3447003,
    author: {
      name: client.user.username,
      icon_url: client.user.avatarURL
    title: "This is an embed",
    url: "http://google.com",
    description: "This is a test embed to showcase what they look like and what they can do.",
    fields: [{
        name: "Fields",
        value: "They can have different fields with small headlines."
        name: "Masked links",
        value: "You can put [masked links](http://google.com) inside of rich embeds."
        name: "Markdown",
        value: "You can put all the *usual* **__Markdown__** inside of them."
    timestamp: new Date(),
    footer: {
      icon_url: client.user.avatarURL,
      text: "© Example"