jquery hide
snippet in javascript

jquery hide



$('#yourElement').hide(); //this works just fine
$('#yourElement').hide(1000); //hides in 1 second
$('#yourElement').hide(1000, 'swing'); //valid values are swing or linear
$('#yourElement').hide(1000, 'linear', yourFunctionHere()); //same as above but with a callback to a custom function
$('#yourElement').hide(1000, 'linear', function() {
	//you can even do this to just write a one-time function inline if necessary

hidden jquery


$('#yourid').attr('hidden', false);
$('#yourid').attr('hidden', true);

jquery to hide a div


<div id="main"> 
  <p> Hide/show this div </p>

('#main').hide(); //to hide

// 2nd way, by injecting css using jquery
$("#main").css("display", "none");