how to update node js version
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update nodejs


//First, clear the npm cache:
	npm cache clean -f

//Install n, Node’s version manager:
	npm install -g n
//With the n module installed, you can use it to:
	Install the latest stable version: n stable
	Install the latest release: n latest

how to update node js version


//check node version
>node -v
// let's install a program called n that will let us easily switch 
//between Node versions.
>npm install -g n
//Upgrading to the latest stable version
>n stable 
//Changing to a specific version
>n 10.16.0

update version of node gyp


In cmd,
where node
$ cd "C:\Program Files\nodejs\node_modules\npm"

$ npm install -g node-gyp@latest

node upgrade version windows


npm install -g node@<version>

how to update node.js on linux


curl -o- | bash

update node