copy object javascript
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copy object javascript


var x = {myProp: "value"};
var y = Object.assign({}, x); 

copy object javascript


// es6
const obj = {name: 'john', surname: 'smith'};
const objCopy = {...obj};

copy object javascript


var x = {key: 'value'}
var y = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(x))

//this method actually creates a reference-free version of the object, unlike the other methods
//If you do not use Dates, functions, undefined, regExp or Infinity within your object

javascript clone object


var sheep={"height":20,"name":"Melvin"};
var clonedSheep=JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(sheep));

//note: cloning like this will not work with some complex objects such as:  Date(), undefined, Infinity
// For complex objects try: lodash's cloneDeep() method or angularJS angular.copy() method