clone object in js
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clone object in js


var student = {name: "Rahul", age: "16", hobby: "football"};

//using ES6
var studentCopy1 = Object.assign({}, student);
//using spread syntax
var studentCopy2 = {...student}; 
//Fast cloning with data loss
var studentCopy3 = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(student));

clone javascript object


let clone = Object.assign({}, objToClone);

copy object javascript


var x = {key: 'value'}
var y = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(x))

//this method actually creates a reference-free version of the object, unlike the other methods
//If you do not use Dates, functions, undefined, regExp or Infinity within your object

clone an object javascript


//returns a copy of the object
function clone(obj) {
    if (null == obj || "object" != typeof obj) return obj;
    var copy = obj.constructor();
    for (var attr in obj) {
        if (obj.hasOwnProperty(attr)) copy[attr] = obj[attr];
    return copy;