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what is three.js


Three.js is an opensourse cross-browser JavaScript library 
application programming interface (API) 
used to create and display animated 3D computer graphics in the browser
using WebGL. 
*** available via NPM *** and Github
Effects: Anaglyph, cross-eyed, and parallax barrier.
Scenes: add and remove objects at run-time; fog
Cameras: perspective and orthographic; 
	controllers: trackball, FPS, 
Animation: armatures, forward kinematics, 
	inverse kinematics, morph, and keyframe
Lights: ambient, direction, point, and spot lights; shadows: cast and receive
Materials: Lambert, Phong, smooth shading, textures, and more
Shaders: access to full OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL) capabilities: 
	lens flare, depth pass, and extensive post-processing library
Objects: meshes, particles, sprites, lines, ribbons, bones,
Geometry: plane, cube, sphere, torus, 3D text,
modifiers: lathe, extrude, and tube
Data loaders: binary, image, JSON, and scene
Utilities: full set of time and 3D math functions 
	frustum, matrix, quaternion, UVs, and more
Export and import: utilities to create Three.js-compatible JSON files 
  from : Blender, openCTM, FBX, Max, and OBJ
examples plus fonts, models, textures, sounds, other support files
Debugging: Stats.js, WebGL Inspector, Three.js Inspector
Virtual and Augmented Reality via WebXR