Installation Guide

Currently, the extension is in the development phase. If you are interested then you can Install our beta (devlopment version).

Note: beta version has some bugs to fix.

Download for chrome

How to install beta version

Get started

  • » Registration is required to use extension. register here
  • » After successfull login you're good to go.
  • » You can view and edit all of your settings in dashboard and settings.

How will extension help you

  • » Whenever you search on google entension will cheak for answer for your query within our database.
  • » Top rated answers will be shown to you, directly in your search results.
  • Example:-

    code snippet container

How can you add answers

  • » Add with the help of noobcodes code grabber.
  • » Noobcodes code grabber will appear on bottom right of code snippet.
  • Example:-

    noobcodes code grabber