Declaring Variables in C
snippet in c

declare variable in c


int    i, j, k;
char   c, ch;
float  f, salary;
double d;

declaring variables in c


// First declaring and then initializing
int a;
int a = 5;
// Declaring and initializing at one time
int b = 6;

// Basically used datatypes 
// 1. int // integer
int num = 2;
// 2. float // decimal number
float number = 234.87;
// 3. char // character
char ch = 'p';
// 4. char[] // string
char name[] = {'B','i', 'l','l'}
			// or
char fav_fruit[] = "apple"

Declaring Variables in C


int playerScore = 95;

char ch = 'a';
// some code
ch = 'l';

c how to define a variable


int age;			//int variableName; or int variableName = Value;
			//Integers are whole numbers: 2, 23. They are NOT: 28.4, 8.07.
char first_initial;	//char variableName; or char variableName = 'Character';
			//Characters are single characters on the keyboard. Numbers can 
            //be characters but they are best not stored as such
char name[10]; 		//char stringName[size] or char stringName[size] = "String"
			//Strings are defined as an array of characters that end
            //w/a special character ‘\0’.
float salary;		//float variableName; or float variableName = value;
			//Floats are numbers that contain up to seven digits including decimals.
double micro;		//double variableName; or double variableName = value;
			//Doubles are more precise than floats and can hold more numbers.