two bytes to int c
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two bytes to int c


// bytes_to_int_example.cpp
// Output: port = 514

// I am assuming that the bytes the bytes need to be treated as 0-255 and combined MSB -> LSB

// This creates a macro in your code that does the conversion and can be tweaked as necessary
#define bytes_to_u16(MSB,LSB) (((unsigned int) ((unsigned char) MSB)) & 255)<<8 | (((unsigned char) LSB)&255) 
// Note: #define statements do not typically have semi-colons
#include <stdio.h>

int main()
  char buf[2];
  // Fill buf with example numbers
  buf[0]=2; // (Least significant byte)
  buf[1]=2; // (Most significant byte)
  // If endian is other way around swap bytes!

  unsigned int port=bytes_to_u16(buf[1],buf[0]);

  printf("port = %u \n",port);

  return 0;