strcpy c implementation
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strcpy c implementation


#include <stdio.h>
// Function to implement strcpy() function
char* strcpy(char* destination, const char* source)
    // return if no memory is allocated to the destination
    if (destination == NULL)
        return NULL;
    // take a pointer pointing to the beginning of destination string
    char *ptr = destination;
    // copy the C-string pointed by source into the array
    // pointed by destination
    while (*source != '\0')
        *destination = *source;
    // include the terminating null character
    *destination = '\0';
    // destination is returned by standard strcpy()
    return ptr;
// Implement strcpy function in C
int main(void)
    char source[] = "Techie Delight";
    char destination[25];
    printf("%s\n", strcpy(destination, source));
    return 0;