assembly fibonacci
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assembly fibonacci


org 100h

jmp start

;	setting vars
num1 dw 1
num2 dw 1

mov 	cx, 20 ;	counter (for the Fibonacci function)
mov 	ax, num1
;	print twice to get "1 1 " at the start of the run     

    mov 	bx, num1
    add 	bx, num2
    mov 	dx, bx
    mov 	bx, num1
    mov 	num2, bx
    mov 	bx, dx
    mov 	num1, bx

    ;	this part is for printing ax you dont have to mov dx into ax...
    ;			dx = ax = current fibonacci number
    ;mov ax, dx
    ;	use print function!!

loop Fibonacci  ; loop for 20 times

mov ah, 0
int 16h